Shaded Roof? Ground-Mounted Solar is the Solution

October 08 2020

Large array of ground-mounted solar panels outside a residential home

Ground-mounted solar is a good option for houses that don’t get much sunlight. Let’s face it, not every roof is a good fit for solar. The direction the roof faces, how much sunlight it receives, and the amount of open space it offers all contribute to the success of solar panels. If any of these factors aren’t met, your panels may not produce enough energy to cover your electricity usage.

Unlike rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted solar panels don’t require any special conditions for success. Simply find a sunny patch of grass in your yard to start capturing solar energy instantly.

Your roof doesn’t have to be a good match for solar panels. Take advantage of green energy anyway with different home solar options. Consider ground-mounted solar.

Learn more about ground-mounted solar panels to find out if they might be a good fit for your home.

What Are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

Ground-mounted solar panels are exactly what they sound like - solar panels that are attached to the ground. Ground solar panels can be installed either through fixed scaffolding or a pole mount.

Fixed scaffolding anchors into the ground to hold a row of panels at a fixed-tilt. That means the angle of the panels cannot be changed. A pole mount can support a small group of panels. These systems can be integrated with sun trackers, which are motorized systems that can move the panels to face the sun throughout the day.

Most homeowners immediately think of rooftop solar when they think about going green. But, the reality is that not every roof is positioned well for solar panels. Ground-mounted solar is an easy solution.

Opting for ground-mounted solar is a great way to take advantage of solar savings without limiting solar production. A ground-mount solar system offers workarounds to common rooftop problems.

Pros of a Ground-Mount Solar System

The most important factor in solar energy production is sun exposure. For rooftop systems, sun exposure depends on how shaded the roof is. It also depends on which direction the roof faces.

A ground-mount solar system helps homeowners avoid these requirements. Ground-mounted solar can be pointed or angled in any direction. That means you can mount your solar panels on the ground facing the optimal direction for sun exposure.

Another perk of a ground-mount solar system is that you don’t have to deal with roof space restrictions. The size of your roof and how much open space is available is irrelevant in terms of ground solar panels.

If you have tons of land just basking in the sun all day, here’s your chance to use it. Your only restrictions are the size of your lot and local zoning regulations. That makes it easy to create a ground-mount solar system large enough to cover all your energy usage.

Cons of a Ground-Mount Solar System

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are pros and cons to each of your home solar options. The key is to figure out your individual priorities and needs.

The main con of ground solar panels is that they are typically more expensive than rooftop options. To install solar panels on the ground, a secure base must be built. This requires either laying a concrete foundation or adding reinforcement piping. Both of these tasks require a fair amount of time and labor. On top of that, you'll need additional permits, which come with additional fees.

Another issue some homeowners have with ground-mounted solar panels is their aesthetic. Installing solar panels on the ground requires a large structure to keep the panels lifted a few feet in the air. Some people don’t like the way this structure looks.

Plus, solar panels are large. You may not notice their size when they are far away on a roof. But, when most people see solar panels on the ground, they look much bigger. Ground solar panels don't blend in the way rooftop panels do. This is something to consider when weighing your options.

Fixed scaffolding ground-mount solar system in a grassy field

Explore Your Home Solar Options

It’s important to understand each of your home solar options before you choose. Whether you install your solar panels on the ground or on the roof, you have some factors to consider.

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