Solar Panel Maintenance: Tips to Increase Your System's Efficiency

May 06 2021

Layer of dust and pollen on a solar panel

Solar panel maintenance isn’t often talked about. Many homeowners are drawn to solar by the potential savings. They think of $0 energy bills, increased home value, and a long system lifetime. Solar panels are a great investment, but how exactly do you take care of them once they’re installed?

The good news is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Panels generate electricity without any effort from homeowners. However, solar panel maintenance is still an important part of owning a solar system.

With proper solar maintenance, you can ensure that your panels are performing as efficiently as possible, maximizing your return on investment. Let’s face it, solar panels aren’t cheap. They’ll pay themselves off in the long run, but you’ll want to make sure that your money is working to its full potential from day one.

We’re here to help. Discover the best way to clean solar panels and learn more about how to maintain your system. You’ll also find information on average solar panel maintenance costs.

The Best Way to Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels rely on the sun’s rays to produce energy. Any items blocking the rays’ path from sun to panel are inhibiting this production. This includes items like dirt, dust, leaves, bird poop, and other natural debris.

Because of this, solar panel cleaning is an important part of owning a solar system. Most professionals suggest washing solar panels at least four times per year. The more you clean your panels, the better they will perform.

Keep in mind that where you live will contribute to how frequently you need to clean your panels. Some states have windier climates and dustier environments. These places may require more frequent solar maintenance.

Luckily, most panels are tilted, so rainfall consistently clears away minor debris. If the rain doesn’t cut it, the best way to clean solar panels is with a garden hose or leaf blower.

You will also need to clean your panels after heavy snowstorms. The residue left from melted snow is not optimal for solar production. When washing solar panels in the winter, be sure to use lukewarm water. Hot water on cold glass can cause cracks in the panels.

Routine Solar Panel Maintenance

Intermittent cleaning will only get you so far. Routine solar panel maintenance is the solution for solar system longevity and efficiency.

Monitoring your solar panel output is the best way to know whether your panels need some attention. A solar panel monitoring system provides access to information about your panels’ energy production and efficiency.

If you notice a dip in production, it may indicate that it is time for another solar panel cleaning. Keep in mind that the best way to clean solar panels is to stick to a schedule. After all, just one cleaning won’t do much for production. A report by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that systems experience up to a 30% energy yield loss every year if not cleaned monthly.

That’s a lot of money missing from your wallet. A simple cleaning every month or so will maintain your panels’ productivity. Washing solar panels is a simple, effective, and cheap way to keep your electricity production high.

Schedule routine solar panel maintenance for your system to get the most out of your panels.

Professional demonstrating the best way to clean solar panels with a hose

Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

Solar panel cleaning isn’t complicated. Most of the time, washing solar panels requires only a basic garden hose or leaf blower.

Unfortunately, however, solar panels are located on the roof. This can make washing solar panels every month or so very tedious. Imagine lugging equipment up onto your roof every month for 25 years. That doesn’t sound ideal, right?

The beauty of solar panels is that they work silently and seamlessly, with no effort from homeowners. Keep it that way by hiring a professional for solar maintenance.

The cost of professional solar panel cleaning varies, depending on how many panels you have in your system. Average solar panel maintenance costs are $5-$10 per panel. Other factors will affect this price, including size, location, and accessibility.

Many companies offer cleaning for a flat rate for a certain number of panels, with an additional fee for additional panels. Of course, if you lease your system, the company you lease from will cover all solar panel maintenance costs.

Signing up for routine, professional solar panel maintenance will help prevent expensive repairs down the line. If you do need a repair, you can trust a qualified solar company to handle it.

Start by choosing the right solar company for installation. Having a solid relationship with a qualified solar company will help with your solar panel maintenance needs in the future. Choose a solar installer who you can trust to help with solar panel cleaning down the road.

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